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" Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses" (1 TIMOTHY 6:12).  Faith is for fighting and not for decoration. Faith is the answer to everything. Everything you are looking for is delivered by your faith. That is why you must engage your faith to fight. It is the fight to take possession because the enemy has been defeated by Jesus Christ. 

" For indeed the gospel was preached to us as well as to them; but the word which they heard did not profit them not being mixed with faith in those who heard it." (Hebrews 4:2).  If you must profit from the word of God, your faith must be in place. 

It takes faith to awaken God's deposit in you. What God says about you is like a potential; you have to activate it to become a reality and faith is that instrument of activation (Luke 1:45). Whatever God has told you is like a potential but without engaging your faith, it cannot be a reality. Faith can change your situation/story. Faith is a justifier. It is always on the offensive. Faith does not give up until victory is achieved.

By redemption we belong to the tribe of Judah. And the tribe of Judah is a prevailing tribe (Genesis 49:8-12). 

There are some brand of spiritual wine you must drink. This kind of wine terminates barrenness and unfruitfulness in your life. They include:

1. Holy Ghost wine. The Holy Spirit in you is to intoxicate you like wine. It is not enough to come to church, you must drink what the redeemed are drinking. The word of God intoxicates. You cannot truly have an encounter with God and not be drunk. If nothing is moving you, that is not faith, you have not contacted God. You need violent faith to take your possession because there is an adversary that does not want you to manifest God's plan (Jeremiah 29:11). Before you came to this world, God has already designed your destiny. Where you peach your faith determines your lot either with God or with the enemy the devil.

To know the will of God for your life, you must read the word God. He shows you what he has planned for you but it is left for you to make your choice.

2. You need the prayer wine to be intoxicated (Jude 1: 20). Men of prayer are men of intoxication. You build up your faith through prayer. Hannah prayed until she began to manifest.

3. The testimony wine. Be provoked by the testimony of others to have your own testimony. You power your faith through testimonies.


1. You are redeemed to be fruitful (Genesis 1:27-28). That means whatever you do must succeed. To be fruitful means to be full of results, to prosper in your business and every of your human endeavors. You must react to every unfruitfulness in your life (Romans 4:18-21). Like father Abraham, receive the word of God and fight with it. This is the year of breaking limits meaning whatever has been limiting you has been taken away. Violence of faith is refusing to accept the negative. You resist with the authority of the word of God any negative verdict/report. Do not allow anything you do not want to settle in your heart because your heart is the planting field. Anything you hear outside the word of God will weaken your faith. Facts can change but truth is constant. 

2. You must know that you are created and blessed to be fruitful (Genesis 1:28, Deuteronomy 7:14, Galatians 3:13-14). As a seed of Abraham, you are fruitful.

3. Fruitfulness is the reward for serving God (Exodus 23:25-26). If your God is a baby maker, you are not permitted to be a baby begger.


1. Stay planted in the house of God to be fruitful. 

2. Remain in God's covenant to be fruitful. Your efforts alone cannot take you anywhere but the grace of God can take you to any height in life.